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This site is dedicated to Surface cleanliness with information on the methods for the evaluation of cleanliness as well as the techniques to achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

Main arguments concern metal surfaces and are developed from the direct experience acquired in the mechanical industry, automotive and aerospace. Anyway, most of the methods can be applied also to other fields.

The left band contains the links to the main topics, documents and related sites.

ISO Standards are available from the ISO National body in your country. The index of arguments is here published to introduce their contents and as a guide for a better understanding of the complexity of how a test has to be carried out.

PASSAPONTI has contributed to the development of ISO16232 and ISO18413 along with the major manufacturers of vehicles and related systems, sole member of ISO Technical Committees "TC22-WG12- Road vehicles" and "TC131-Hydraulics" specialized in "cleaning"

Passaponti offers equipment, technical support and services for the evaluation of cleanliness and the correct use of the ISO Standards.

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To evaluate cleanliness, particles are transferred from the surface onto a filter...
to be analyzed
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